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Maintenance Satisfaction Report

After each repair is logged and an order is sent to a contractor, a confirmation text is sent to the tenant with the contractor’s name, the completion date and a description of the work. The surveys then follow automatically when the contractor indicates the repair has been completed via an email to the Deeplake system.

Out of the 280 orders raised in Q3 2017/18, 204 of these texts were sent.

(76 orders were for communal repairs or confirmation orders for work already completed during gas checks or during callout – texts are not generated in those instances).


51 tenants responded to the surveys sent by text, a response rate of 25%. Of these 44 were positive (86%).

When repair orders are raised on Pyramid, a paper survey is produced and printed. This is then posted to the tenant.

Of the 204 postal surveys, only 20 were returned (9.8%). However of these, the average rating of the work completed out of 10 was 8.5.

Other than feedback from text message, a sample of repairs are selected at random at the end of the quarter and the residents contacted by phone. 38 tenants were contacted in this way out of the 204 repairs in individual homes, a sample of approx. 18%. 8 of the 38 tenants could not be reached and 3 had ongoing repairs.

27 tenants were therefore consulted on the phone, of these 21 had positive comments (77%).

Our principal contractor, whom in the last quarter carried out 157 of the 280 repairs, requests that tenants sign the engineer’s paperwork to confirm that the order is complete and also indicate on the sheet that the finished repairs is to their satisfaction.

121 of the contractors’ surveys have been returned with a positive response rate (77%).

Sending text surveys is the preferred method for collecting tenant satisfaction feedback. Texts are cost effective (£0.06 each), staff are immediately alerted to negative responses meaning issues can be promptly resolved and tenants are reassured that dissatisfaction will be addressed. All the texts are recorded and are available to collate in Deeplake and Pyramid. Replying to a text is also an easy and confidential option for tenants to alert staff. Whilst contractor’s own surveys are encouraged, tenants are less willing to respond negatively in the presence of a tradesman and the integrity of the information recorded is less secure.

Phone surveys are normally undertaken at the end of the quarter as a random sample and reinforce communication between tenants and staff. Postal surveys are the most expensive option and whilst popular with older tenants, are increasingly going unacknowledged and the response rate is less than 10%. However the surveys have greater scope for tenants to add comments so the feedback can be more illuminating than a simple text reply.

Q3 tenant satisfaction – issues arising and actions

  • Dissatisfaction that multiple visits were required to address a repair – this can be subject to the complexity of the repair. Investigated and confirmed that issue was properly addressed.
  • Appointment not made for follow-up visit – contractor reminded that unannounced visits are not acceptable.
  • 2 repairs attended but issues recurred. Contractor recalled to change parts previously overhauled.
  • Text responded to negatively but when contacted, tenant was satisfied with repair
  • Tenant commented that a replacement part differed from the original. Confirmed original was now obsolete.
  • One tenant did not respond to attempts to contact her to discover reasons for dissatisfaction.
  • Extensive work to rectify circulation with heating system complete however tenant reported continued problem with the heating in a particular room – engineers continuing to investigate.
  • One repair still outstanding as quotes being obtained for further works.

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